Waterless Dust Suppression

MES are always looking for innovative products and are pleased to be able to introduce a WATERLESS dust suppression system in conjunction with our partners DocDust. Using the ONLY state of the art electrostatic dust suppression system in the world, you can solve your dust issues without the need for water!!

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In many industrial areas, dust problems which adversely affect not only the conveying process, but also the people and the surroundings, arise during bulk material conveyance. A substantial amount of the material is lost through the formation of dust and traditional water spray systems have many down sides.

  • add to corrosion of your structure
  • more grit and sludge clogging up belt scrapers
  • additional wear on the belt as rubber cuts more easily when wet
  • long pipe circuits to provide the water needed in the right places
  • pipe circuits that are prone to freezing in winter months
  • pipe circuits needing regular inspections and maintenance to repair leaks

These systems are operated by electrostatic forces only. The system has a modular design and is installed directly behind the conveyor belt transfer point above the conveyor belt. The transported material and dust are conveyed through the dust suppression housing where the dust is separated by electrostatic forces (the principle of separation by ionization, which charges the dust particles). The ironized particles then collect on the collector surface within the housing and an intermittently starting unbalanced motor returns the collected dust to the material flow.

This dust suppression technology is economical, effective, low-maintenance and offers an excellent alternative to traditional dust removal systems at the belt conveyor transfer points. It is suitable on the majority of bulk materials particularly at materials transfer points and can also be adapted to mobile screens and mobile crushing units in quarries, mines, open pits and underground.


  • No water required!
  • No increased wear on conveyor belt like water systems
  • Low energy consumption & high separation efficiency
  • Guaranteed dust suppression rate
  • Extremely low operating cost
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Extremely low maintenance (no extra down time required)
  • No change of material properties
  • No loss of material
  • No freezing of water pipes so operational 365 days of the year
  • No interference with belt scraper performance
  • No water pipes so no checking for leaks across conveyor circuits
  • Speeds up dust checks to comply with ISO 14001

Safety Warning: This system must not be used on explosive or flammable dust materials

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements, or email us your requirements to: sales@mesint.com