Siderflex Steel Carcass Conveyor Belts

The carcass of SIDERFLEX belts consist of a brass coated steel fabric with low elongation characteristics, which gives the belt a high tensile strength. Low elongation is one of the most important points of SIDERFLEX belts: 0.25 % at reference load (10% of tensile strength) and max 2.5 % at breaking. The presence of a transversal reinforcement assures the best performances both for very long and heavy applications.

Special features of SIDERFLEX belts are:

  • Excellent cut and tear resistance
  • Low elongation 
  • High tensile strength
  • Good impact resistance
  • Excellent longitudinal flexibility
  • Very good troughability

SIDERFLEX IW – ID fabric structures are built so that one weft layer is placed in the upper side of the carcass. Belts of these series are particularly suitable for troughing thanks to their high transversal flexibility.

SIDERFLEX HE are produced with two different layers placed on both sides of the warp structure. The presence of a double weft gives to the belt moderate transversal rigidity, anyway acceptable for the most common applications. HE series is highly recommended when exceptional values of cut and tear resistance are required.

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