Side Wall & Cross Cleat Conveyor Belts

The latest additions to the vast range of Conveyor Belts MES supply are Sidewall & Cross Cleats Conveyor Belts. Corrugated sidewall conveyor belts is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined space and a wide range material can be handled. New revised polyester fabrics used in our range of cross-stabilised base belts mean higher rigidity values with very low elongation and newly developed rubber compounds for our Sidewalls and Cleats ensure they can withstand the high stresses imposed in high capacity steep angle conveying.

The Sidewalls are produced from a high elasticity and high strength rubber compound and offer excellent flexibility and therefore maximum flexing. The use of diagonal fabric for the reinforcement within the Sidewalls ensures maximum elongation of the fabric at the flexing points as well as increasing tensile strength, again increasing the life of the Sidewall.

All Cross Cleats have been specifically design to give optimum performance. The shape of the ‘C’ and ‘TC’ types has been created to offer best conveying capacities along with excellent self-cleaning properties. Sidewall cleats are either of the extruded type for the smaller profiles, all larger cleats are moulded to give the best shape retention even when conveying high-density materials.

Special features of MES Side Wall & Side Cleat belts are:
  • Excellent elevation of materials in a confined space, turn through any angle
  • Economy achieved by single belt operation, no multiple drives
  • Wide range of materials can be handled
  • No transfer point needed, no loss of product
  • Very low maintenance costs for such a big capacity
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