MES Stone Powered Electricity

The MES Feeder SPE is an innovative environmentally friendly concept that not only is a belt feeder that reduces the impact on loading points of a conveyor belt, but also generates electricity.

Using a similar concept to that of a hydro-electric plant, but instead of using water to generate electricity, it uses the height and volume of falling stone.

By fitting the MES Feeder SPE you eliminate the need for intricate chute designs, dead boxes and liners/deflector plates etc that can drop out, causing possible damage or worse still, slicing the conveyor belt.

The MES Feeder SPE is a solid machine designed to accommodate a wide variety of material with high load capacities which work well as a primary material feed unit for most crushing, screening and wash circuits and can be customized to suit your own requirements.

As the stone hits the paddle wheel from the feed conveyor, all impact/kinetic energy is absorbed to produce the electrcity, therefore no power is required as the MES Feeder SPE produces its own source of power. The majoirty of quarry or mining engineers would agree that to have a vibratory feeder at the end of every conveyor would be the perfect option. Financially, this wouldn’t be viable, but the MES Feeder SPE can offer precisely this with the added benefit of electricity as by-product. MES International can offer you this revolutionary, yet simple unit which generate electricity from falling materials and additionally has many other significant, yet cost saving benefits. The benefits of having an MES Feeder SPE unit are:
  • The life of the fed conveyor is extended as the MES Feeder SPE eliminates the likelihood of impact danage and reduces wear
  • The falling material is slowed down considerably so the stone is placed on the fed conveyor, as a tradtional feeder would
  • The chute can be manufactured with straight/vertical sides – resulting in huge manufacturing cost saving
  • The by-product is electricity!! Amazing!! Stone Powered Electricity!!
  • Also it is carbon neutral, so all quarries, mines etc can save on carbon costs
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