Drive Drums are lagged to reduce the possibility of slippage between pulley and belt. Adverse weather conditions, insufficient angle of wrap, and many other effects can be a cause of this. Pulley lagging works by increasing the drag coefficient at the pulley to belt interface which improves wear and slippage influences.

MES supplies some of the industry’s most innovative and best performing conveyor pulley lagging solutions. Porous ceramic tablets embedded in a pre-coated rubber matrix offer not only the best possible drive, especially in wet conditions, but also hugely outlast conventional rubber lagging.

From gutterless designs that minimise vibration, to products that feature the highest coefficient of friction on the market, MES has a lagging product that meets your need.

The different types of Lagging we offer are:

  • Plain rubber
  • Diamond pattern rubber – suitable for most applications
  • Slide / Weld on steel & rubber strips
  • Ceramic – where extra traction is required

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements, or complete the measurements on our Pulley/Drum enquiry sheet and send through to us for a quotation.