Straight Warp Belt

MES ENDURANCE Straight Warp has been designed to handle the toughest conveying applications, such as mobile crushing and demolition. MES Straight Warp is constructed with a special weave of 2 fabric plies and an additional binder warp (without the need for steel wire), making the reinforced fabric plies more resistant to cutting and puncturing. The Straight Warp construction reduces the belt weight compared to standard textile belts, as it is between 7-17% thinner. This reduction in thickness enables Straight Warp to perform well on small to medium size pulleys, has excellent troughability and reduces power consumption.

With heavy duty wear resistant top and bottom covers, our Straight Warp belts are ideal for high impact conveyors, large and angular material, and where puncturing is an issue. With these special characteristics, they have been proven to outlast standard multiply belts by up to 4 times – exceptional belt life advantages!

Straight Warp can be easily hot spliced using finger/butt joint techniques, to offer the perfect all round solution for extreme conveying.

Special features of MES ENDURANCE Straight Warp belts are:

  • Reinforced fabric plies to resist cutting and puncturing
  • Excellent troughability
  • Superior cut, impact and wear resistant covers
  • Longer belt life – Straight Warp outlasts multiply belts by up to 4 times!
  • Reduced weight=reduced power consumption – 7-17% thinner than multiply belts
  • ​Hot spliced using the finger/butt joint techniques

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