MES ‘Wear Detect’ Conveyor Belt

MES ‘Wear Detect’ Conveyor Belt

As an innovative and forward thinking company, we are always looking for ways to improve the range of products we can offer. We know how much of a disruption is caused when a worn belt is left to run for too long and breaks, the lost production time, manpower to clean up spillages, additional out of hours or breakdown rates to get vulcanising crew into fit new belt and all of the costs assocaiated with these as well as the cost of downtime

To tackle this time old problem, MES has designed a new range of ‘Wear Detect’ (patent pending) conveyor belts with a green indicator layer nestled between the top ply and the top cover rubber. This green layer detecting wear of a conveyor belt during operations much more visible and easier, enabling scheduled shut down to be planned for the belt to be replaced and avoiding all of the additional cost associated with a breakdown. The additional benefit of this layer is that, used in conjunction with our Belt Refurbishing Facility, you can increase the overall life of the conveyor belt!

The new MES Wear Detect range is still an EP conveyor belt, still abrasion resistant covers, still the same quality, however the distrubtion of cover rubber is altered from the traditional specification (i.e. 800/4ply 6=2 covers giving a total top and bottom cover thickness of 8mm, is split equally each side of the ply carcass, so becoming 800/4ply 4+4, but with a 1mm layer of green rubber in the top cover next to the ply)

The embedded wear detect layer, which is green and stands out from the black of the cover layer, is exposed over time with normal wear. The conveyor belt can be run until the green layer is visible on the surface of the conveyor belt, at which point the belt is removed and returned to our Refurbishing Facility whereby we level the running surface off, so the belt can be flipped and re-fitted with the bottom cover now being used as the running surface. This means the life of the conveyor belt is now increased by at the least 30% and all for a fraction more than the cost of a standard conveyor belt.

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