Impact Cushions

Impact cushions have been designed for use in high impact areas suffering from belt and roller damage, spillage, or high maintenance costs and are more effective than traditional impact idlers or bars. Impact idlers do not support the belt correctly resulting in spillage and frequent replacement, whilst impact bars have a pre-determined strength which cannot be adjusted and the gaps between bars can become filled with damaging material, and need the whole bar replacing when the wear surface is worn out.

The impact cushion is a unique product and combines the strength of steel, with the low friction of U.H.M.W. polyethylene and the impact absorbing qualities of rubber, to gain the best blend of characteristics for this high demanding area.

The steel frames, topped with replaceable low friction covers, are formed to the trough angle of your belt to give total belt support. Each frame is supported on rubber pivot bushes at the outer edges with a variable number of replaceable rubber cones supporting the inner edges. Only in this way can the deflection under load conditions be adjusted to ensure that the impact forces are properly absorbed. The shape of the cones coupled with the rubber pivots give a unique differential spring effect which allows for rapid and relatively large deflections to absorb potential damage from small but sharp or high velocity objects and yet still give the progressively stronger qualities for lager lump sizes.

Special features of MES Impact Cushions are:

  • Increased belt life
  • Increased skirting life
  • Reduced spillage
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower running costs
Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements, or complete the measurements on our Impact Cushion Enquiry Sheet and send through to us for a quotation.