Fabric Belt

MES ENDURANCE Fabric conveyor belts are designed and manufactured to cover a wide range of materials handling applications. We can recommend the correct belt specification for your installation taking into account site specifics such as working conditions, material characteristics, speed, length etc.

Our conveyor belts are quality products with an extremely high degree of reliability. Our manufacturers have over 60 years of experience in belt production. We have our MES branded Standard Conveyor Belt made with EP fabric plies due to it’s low stretch characteristics. The top and bottom covers are made with abrasion resistant rubber covers to DIN 22102. We also supply belts with different rubber covers and carcasses including PN, B (cotton), D (Kevlar) and Steel Cord.

Whether your need is for a straight forward mechanical belt fastener or a kilometre long conveyor – from a single roller to the design, manufacture and installation of a complete material handling plant, MES are able to work with you to supply exceptional results.

We also supply, fit, vulcanise, remove and recycle all types of conveyor belts ie solid woven, plied rubber belts, steel cord belts, chevron belts, closed conveyor belts for pipe conveyors, PVC & PU belts, Dry Back & Grip Face belts etc.

Special features of MES conveyor belts are:

  • EP fabric = Low stretch
  • Excellent troughability
  • High inter-ply bond strength
  • High abrasion resistant covers
  • Impervious to humidity and wetness
  • Mildew and rot free
  • High tear resistance
  • Long service life
  • All MES belts carry a full one year manufacturers guarantee
Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements, or email us your requirements to: sales@mesint.com