Belt Scrapers – Dirt Whacker

The Dirt Whacker conveyor belt cleaner systems are recognised worldwide for their effectiveness and durability.

The Dirt Whacker’s unique parallelogram design (patented world-wide), consists of a set of hinged parallelograms mounted along a common rack, with an inflatable rubber bladder running through the middle of the parallelograms.

Each blade section is mounted on its own parallelogram.  The internal bladder ensures every blade on the rack is held at the set pressure, ensuring that the blade is always held at 90o to the belt.  The Parallelogram hinge pins are sealed units and therefore are not susceptible to corrosive and/or fine particle material. This ensures that the belt and blade wear are optimally accommodated for.

The Dirt Wacker belt cleaner relies on a blunt scraper blade. This round cornered blade (which cannot damage the rubber) is activated onto the belt surface by the hinged parallelograms and operates at a belt/blade pressure of 40 to 60kPa. This ensures a squeezing action on the belt rubber, encouraging the dirt to drop off the belt before it reaches the blade. This unique action results in negligible carry back and prolongs the life of the blades.

As the blade begins to wear, the unique action of the parallelograms and inflatable bladder ensure that the blades are self-adjusting, maintaining a constant pressure onto the belt.  A further feature is that all parallelograms operate independently of each other, ensuring maximum life of each blade and each part of the belt receiving equal cleaning opportunity. 

Pressurisation of a rubber sleeve alters the angles within parallelogram modules, thereby providing precise and uniform blade pressure on the belt surface.  The system automatically compensates for scraper blade wear.  The constant blade/belt angle and even blade/belt pressure over the full belt width are other unique features of the design.

Maintenance work is virtually nil with the Dirt Whacker and involves ensuring that adequate air pressure is maintained in the bladder (this can be adjusted safely during operation) as well as a periodic check on the wear of the blades (these are tungsten carbide for extra-long life and have indicators showing when blades should be changed).


  • Completely fail-safe in operation
  • Freedom from mechanical adjustment
  • Minimised belt and fastener wear through
  • Precise pressure control
  • Predetermined blade/belt angle remains constant
  • Fully compatible with reversible belt systems
  • Compatible with most existing scraper mounting arrangements
  • Only fully worn blades need to be replaced
  • Customisation facility to suite different applications
  • Remote blade pressure adjustment

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