Belt Scrapers

In order to maximize your belt life, MES International supply and install a range of belt scrapers to suit all applications. The use of belt scrapers provides large savings from material recovery, reduces material carry back which can build up in hard to access areas, saves labour costs in clearing spillages/carry back deposits and reduces belt tracking issues which in turn saves down time.

Return Belt Ploughs are fitted to effectively stop material spillage from penetrating the tail drum, which depending on the size of the rogue material, can cause mis-tracking, damage to the drum or even damage to the belt carcass. Both the Vee Plough and the Diagonal Plough are fully floating to accommodate any belt undulations and ensures a constant contact and pressure with the belt for the life of the blade. When the low friction blade is worn, it can quickly and easily be changed. The steel blade carrier is equipped with an adjustable stop to prohibit the steel carrier from contacting the belt when the blade is worn out.

Vee Plough – for discharge on both sides

Diagonal Plough – for single side discharge

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements, or complete the measurements on our Belt Scraper Enquiry Sheet and send through to us for a quotation.