Anti-Spill Cradles

Having a smooth running surface and minimizing deflection in a belt running material with a high dust content and low impact force, will have many beneficial effects for your operation. Our Anti Spill Cradle is designed to be installed under load points replacing your roller sets, giving the belt a flat surface to travel on allowing you to keep your skirting rubber constantly in touch with the belt dramatically reducing spillage. Not only will you benefit from reduced spillage and a cleaner working environment, it will reduce maintenance and housekeeping routines allowing the workforce to concentrate on other productive duties.

We can also offer a roller centre section for conveyors with high drag areas, this will further reduce start up power requirements.

MES can supply anti-spill cradles to suit your existing structure with minimal disruption to your operation.

Special features of MES Anti Spill Cradles are:

  • Dramatically reduced spillage
  • Longer skirting life
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Cleaner working environment
The Anti Spill Cradle is designed to take lump sizes up to 50mm and high dust content material and can be fitted with our spill cradle with quick release skirt clamps, for extra containment. Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements, or complete the measurements on our Anti Spill Cradle enquiry sheet and send through to us for a quotation.